Our Partners

Our Partners

Do you aspire to have a successful career in INDIAN & INTERNATIONAL education and help young minds to fulfill their dream of pursuing a foreign education? If yes, then you should get in touch with EIS and fulfill your aspirations along with that of the students.
We have presence pan India and successfully working as a popular INDIAN & INTERNATIONAL education consultants in the country. Our services are excellence personified and we assist our clients in achieving the goals they have pre-defined.
If you are a go-getter and willing to put your best into this career, then you should get in touch with us. We require hard-working and enthusiastic minds that are in sync with our vision to provide the best overseas consultation services to the students from all over the country.
The types of organisations we usually partner with include:
  • Media
  • Educational consultants
  • Professional Association
  • Social Media
  • Abroad Universities
  • Job Boards
  • Alumni Groups

The Global talent

The Global talent is the environment for emerging talent that we nurture year round via engagement with our online and offline sourcing channels. Through the Global talent, we bring together candidates with the potential, track record and capabilities you require, engage with them and apply our own recruitment processes (customised to your requirements) to bring them into your business or into your pipeline.
Case Studies
  • Success across various industries in INDIA & ABROAD .
  • Executive search success in the automotive sectors.

Our Chosen Charity

We are delighted to continue our support of Education , whose mission, “Poverty Alleviation Through

Education”, is so closely aligned to our own. Why do we support Education ?

  • A 8 year track record for making real change happen
  • Innovative solutions for poverty alleviation, from concept to completion
  • Committed to education, and therefore talent, as a solution to inequality